Compassionate Euthanasia

When the time is nigh, schedule a time of convenience - before your pet is taking his last gasp.

An injection of a sedative, like Telazol, relieves anxiety and relaxes your pet - but won’t depress cardiovascular or respiratory centers. It provides the time to relax comfortably with your pet, for as long as you’d like, as I shave a little hair over the cephalic or saphenous veins to allow smooth insertion of an IV butterfly catheter. 

Once you’ve given me the go ahead I’ll inject a barbiturate overdose which will depress the respiratory/circulatory system with limited to no movement.

If you’d like me to provide a private cremation, I will take your loved one with me. I will transport him to a local crematory where your pet will be individually cremated and placed in an urn of your choice for display or reburial at a time/location of your choice.

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