Palliative Care

Letting a family member go - is wicked hard! There are usually conflicting issues which hamper a pet parent in setting a date/time.

What are they? 

The longer (more memories?) we’ve have with our pet - the harder the decision.  Time and time again, we’ve seen our loved-one sick, under the weather, and then recover - remarkably - in a matter of days.

If the pet was the favorite of a deceased spouse or an out-of-state child, we subconsciously delay the decision in an effort to hold onto that warm connection.

Scroll thru your pet’s photographs…. how is the coat quality and musculature now compared to those images?  Are the ribs, hip bones or spinal processes jutting out, preventing a smooth run of your fingers along your pet’s body?

If so, your pet is fighting a wasting-away condition. Oftentimes the food you are feeding is not being absorbed and processed. Sometimes, with associated kidney and liver involvement - decrease appetite leads to weakness and an inability to move the diaphragm which limits your pet’s ability to move energy downward, a necessity for waste and water absorption/elimination.

Are you confused with the actions available to you in these moments? 

Consider a consultation with a professional to develop a palliative care scheme unique to your pet. We will discuss environmental choices for your home, food therapy, ambulatory management (ramps, carpets, carts, etc.), and an individualized approach to help you determine when it’s time to say goodbye.


"good morning to all my pet owner friends

this past week, dec 23, 2014 we had a very bad night. my beloved Rottweiler Micky had the worst night. after a 2 year on and off again problem with a injury that like i said happened 2 years ago, he reached his breaking point. my wife and i were at the mercy of what we could find to help our baby boy. that was when we came across Dr Johnny Slaughter, a vet at Camden, Inner veterinary services. 

remember this is at the heart of the christmas season. well dr johnny took our night time call, he could tell we were in a bad way. he was great, a level of understanding and compassion the is hard for me to compare to anything. our micky was in a bad way, dr johnny went out of his way to make sure we were ok and able to manage micky for the night. he offered to come to our home right then..i was really taken back by that. i wasn't sure what to think about that and he knew that. he then went on to help us by just assuring us he was there for us and micky for what and when we needed his help. we held on for that night and on 12-24, christmas eve at the noon hour dr johnny was at our home.

he came in and met with micky and spoke with us, he could see the pain that my wife and i were in and that this was not easy. the way he comforted us, my wife and i, not to mention micky...i could not have been more impressed....i was able to hug and hold my micky through the procedure. it's already a terrible morning, but dr johnny was great, and i know micky was feeling the love till the end. i know if you ever need a great doctor for your beloved pet-family member that camden-inner harborveterinary services and for sure Dr Johnny Slaughter

you could not be in better hands besides the fact that all this took place right at the christmas holiday, it was as if none of that was going on. the docs main concern was for sure all about micky and long drawn out point is this, if you or anyone you know needs any kind of help with your pet, dr johnny slaughter is for sure the man for the job

a very heart felt sincere thank you

ed barrett...and for sure micky my beloved rotty thank you doc"

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