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Dr. Johnny Slaughter

Testimonial for Camden Inner Harbor Veterinary Services.

I owe a debt of deep gratitude to Dr. Johnny Slaughter and Camden Inner Harbor Veterinary Services. He was available and attentive to the needs of one of my closest family members at a time when I faced a very difficult decision for my beloved dog, Rocky.

In February 2012, my 12 year old 85lb Rottweiler/Chow mix had been limping and appeared to be suffering from stiff joints and a general malaise, which I didn’t find strange given his age. When he started whining when rising and sitting, I contacted Dr. Johnny and requested his veterinary expertise. I knew that he would integrate both western and traditional Chinese medicine to treat Rocky, and at this point, I simply wanted Rocky to feel better.

X-Ray photographs and blood work analysis revealed advanced osteosarcoma…an absolutely devastating diagnosis. The silver lining? The rest of Rocky’s blood work was excellent. Dr. Johnny immediately began acupuncture, moxibustion, and herbal treatments.

Although I believed that it was “time,” Dr. Johnny recommended palliative care. My concern was that I was making a mistake in extending this excruciating diagnosis, however, Dr. Johnny educated me by explaining that Rocky’s life force (Qi) and pulses were magnificent for a dog his age with this illness! Although hesitant, I placed the life of my Rocky in Dr. Johnny’s hands.

At Rocky’s very first treatment, Dr. Johnny could not have been more kind, humane, compassionate and professional. He treated Rocky as if he was treating his own family. His patient and gentle treatment of my Rocky let me know that I had made the best decision at the time. Rocky was in pain and not inclined to walk much before his first treatment. After his first acupuncture treatment, he wanted to run and play! His “Qi” had been stimulated, and his spirits were visibly improved.

The integration of daily herbal treatment, weekly acupuncture treatments, and western medical analgesics helped Rocky have good days throughout his illness. Daily activities were facilitated by outdoor walks with a wagon (which Rocky loved). I adjusted Rocky’s diet to home cooked meals geared toward sustaining his immune system and “Qi.”

After a few months of treatment, it was time to ease my sweet boy into his peaceful & painless last days at the end of May 2012.

Dr. Johnny’s compassionate administration of euthanasia for my Rocky was an experience I will not soon forget. The composed tranquility with which the procedure was carried out left me feeling grateful for the life of my dog, and grateful for the serenity of the moment.

I am an engineer by trade and study everything thoroughly. I spent years doing extensive reading about Traditional Chinese Medicine for my own health and had success with physical maladies of my own. I was skeptical about how these alternative modalities might work for my pet until I saw them in practice by Dr. Johnny. There was never a time when Rocky had a treatment that I wasn’t amazed; not just at the effect of the treatment but at the level of care and service delivered by Dr. Johnny.

Dr. Johnny’s prompt professionalism & gentle care are something I will not soon forget. All my future veterinary needs will be carried out by Dr. Johnny because professional services and kindness like his are rare and a true gift to all who encounter him.

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